Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Klaira Dust

The grandkids came to visit a couple of weeks ago. O yeah, their parents came too. But the real stars of the weekend were the grandkids. We hadn't been able to give them their Christmas presents because of many reasons (sickness, work schedules, school etc) so we got to have a Christmas on Valentine's Day.

Klaira, 4,  who also calls herself Klaira Bell, received a purple Disney Princess dress. She put it on immediately. Disney has done a remarkable job in marketing the heroines from their movies including these elegant, but inexpensive little dresses to their littlest fans.

This one came complete with glitter, lots of glitter; lots and lots of glitter adorning the frilly fringes of the dress. Klaira wore that dress for hours. With every step, every twirl, every jump, dance, and sprint, she deposited glitter, lots and lots of glitter in every room of  the house. We now call it Klaira dust and we are not the least bit worried that after two weeks, three vacuumings, and three moppings we are still seeing Klaira dust around the house. We love it. It's not a mess, it's a reminder. It's not a sign of uncleanness, it's a sign of life, life that inhabits our lives and life that continues to bless even though separated for a while. The glitter does not bring sadness or rebuke or cries of "how will I ever get this stuff cleaned up?'' It brings smiles, laughter, and joy at the prospect of a return glittering.

I believe if we learn how to look, it is not too difficult to discover God glittering out lives with His Presence. In every room, at every turn of life, through the people and events He brings or allows, His Presence is there to convict, comfort, teach, lead, deepen, and enjoy. The Holy Spirit, however, doesn't leave to go back home until the next, too short visit. He remains depositing truth and reminding of One who will return. Yes, at times He may wash over us with overwhelming waves of grace to teach, cleanse, refresh, wash, and renew. At other times, more fitting like a still, small voice, He makes His presence known in a quiet, reflective but just as effective and beautiful way.

It is true, all that glitters is not gold. Sometimes its even better.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

We Live By Faith

We live by faith, not by sight.  2 Cor. 5:7

Have you ever taken a bible verse apart backwards? You can't do it with all of them but it's helpful in a world that is sometimes backwards to try it some of the time.

Sight-- to see; to have it; to hold it; to grasp it; tangible; gravitas; hug it; embrace it; spend it; save it; hide and then pull it out and see it again. You see beauty, familiar faces, smiles, grimaces, scowls, winks, distances, obstacles, curves, hills, valleys, images. Sight is good!

Not sight--unseen; unsure; doubt; questions: who am I? where am I? where am I going? what to do? how to do it?confusion.  Intangibles, immeasurables, mystery; memories. Matters of the heart not the hand; expressions of the mental not the material; places in the soul, not the seen. Not sight? Bad and good..........

Faith--confidence, evidence, hope, longing, trust, belief, assurance, inescapably necessary. Faith must be placed, posited, left elsewhere but  faith is only as strong as the strength of the object or person trusted. It is a gift to the giver and receiver--how much depends on me? on others? on God alone? Do I trust God or do I subtly trust faith? Is faith the answer to my questions or the beginning of more of them? Can't I always just have faith, believing? Yes! except when its maybe....

Live--life, breath, movement, thought, being, smell, taste, see, touch, imagine, forget, regret, fight, surrender, laugh, cry, anticipate, dare, build, hurt, pain, discover, remember, seasons, give, take, people, people, people, a caress, a hug, a kiss, birth, death, seeking love, sharing love, learning love, sunrise, sunset, repeat thousands of times 'till you almost get it right--- LIVE! YES!

We--first person plural. Not me, my or I. All. Family. Kingdom. Church.  What "i" can't, we can. Where "i" is weak, alone, vulnerable, scared, darkened, ''we" are strong, together, experienced, enlightened. When "i" has a weak faith, "we" have a stronger one. Where "i" is confused and searching, some of the "we" have been there, done that, made it through. When "i" is afraid, "we" stands with us. "We'' gets through this; "we" knows what "i" doesn't. "I" faces the dark, "we" face the future with hope, joy, and love. "I" need "we."

         We    Live    By    Faith   Not    By     Sight.

                                       WE LIVE!
Me Too,