Wednesday, April 13, 2016

So the Question Is?

So I come in from my walk, it is late in the day and I hear my beloved on the phone in the bedroom but I can see she has already begun to make dinner.  It looks like I am having meat loaf or something resembling meatloaf. I am somewhat confused.  I love her meatloaf, especially when she makes it with green chilies. I assume she is handling green chilies because I can see a blue rubber glove in a plate. Or is she handling something else? The possibilities run through my mind.

Possibly she is trying a new "filler" in the meatloaf other than crackers. I know people have to cut back and watch their budget these days but I didn't think we were doing that badly...
Maybe she got confused in watching the Food Network and the Animal Planet....
Maybe she is making this meatloaf for the dogs...
Maybe she is getting even with me for...oh well, the reasons are too numerous to count....
It is possible the Milk-Bones were on sale for a really good price...
It could be I'm barking up the wrong tree in trying to figure it out.

So the question is: do I eat the meatloaf?

Maybe I should just ask her?

Ohhhh, she was walking the box of dog biscuits to the back door to give the dogs a treat when the phone rang. She SAID she just set the box down on the counter when she was on the phone.

Perfectly reasonable explanation. Do I trust her?

Of course I do. The meatloaf was delicious.

You simply can't always take things at their face value. There is often a "back-story" that even if it doesn't justify a thought or an action at least gives a reason  or an insight in to why people do the things they do. Even the Bible teaches us, " not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, because many false prophets have gone out into the world."  I John 4

John goes on in the chapter to explain that what you believe about Jesus is the way to "test the spirits." Of all the many voices calling for your attention, money, and influence; your body, soul, and mind; your vote, your time, and your loyalty, who do you trust? See what the people, organizations, and institutions do with Jesus.  Do they trust Him as Lord and Savior? Do they see Him as the Incarnate Son of God, fully God and fully human? Do they show obedience and growth in Christ-like character? Or is He seen as simple a good teacher, a moral leader, a kind religionist? Trust the ones who trust him, Be careful what you chew on, some things have bones in them.

Now excuse me, I'm due at the vet's to pick up some heartworm meds.